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Bringing joy through laughter, play, fun, awesomeness.


FeebeeWeebee is emerging.  She is saying YES to the world and her work in the world.  Keep coming back to see what’s next as she steps into her awesomeness with more joy, playfulness, laughter, inspiration!  What the world needs now is more FeebeeWeebee!  

FeebeeWeebee's Fun

So much joy, fun and creativity flow from within FeebeeWeebee!  It’s time to share her laughter and enthusiasm with the world!

Laughter Yoga

A unique concept integrating laughter exercises and yoga breathing that allows for laughter without jokes, comedy or humor.

What FeebeeWeebee and Clients are Saying

The sky’s the limit.

The earth is your home.



You’ve got to play to win

your joy.



My time with Morganne is always uplifting, and may I say–FUN! Morganne herself is always immersed in her own creative projects, and I believe that she really understands the trials, obstacles and issues facing those who are striving to actualize their dreams, goals and actualization of their potential. The time I have spent with Morganne has always been nothing short of a blessing.

Steve K., East Palo Alto

I’m very susceptible to positive thinking.

It makes me feel so happy!


Morganne’s presence is always an inspiration. She turns challenges into new and joyful perceptions

Ginny A., Santa Cruz, CA

About Morganne

Morganne wakes up every morning with joy and enthusiasm. Her daily laughter practice is energizing and her connection to the Divine Creator is beautiful and thriving.  She had the good fortune of meeting her dear clown self – FeebeeWeebee – while in Clown Conservatory in 2016.

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