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About Morganne Maher

Morganne (aka FeebeeWeebee) wakes up every morning with joy and enthusiasm.  Her daily laughter practice is energizing and her connection to the Divine Creator is beautiful and thriving.  She loves to juggle, dance, sing and play with puppets whenever possible.  She also loves drawing, writing and telling stories, gardening and growing healthy food. 

Joy, Playfulness and Purpose

Morganne has had a variety of corporate jobs while raising her kids (including executive recruiting and business development).  For the last 2 decades, she has moved her stories within an embodied storytelling practice known as Body Tales.  She is a Certified Body Tales instructor and a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.  Morganne met FeebeeWeebee (her dear clown) while attending Clown Conservatory at the SF Circus Center in 2016-2017.   Morganne is dedicated to sharing her enthusiasm and immense flows of creativity with her clients and to help unlock their individual pathways to connect with joy, playfulness and purpose.

Engage with FeebeeWeebee

Feebee Weebee approaches her work in the world with Joy.  She works with individuals, groups, families, companies.  Uncover the spark that leads to your joy and connection.

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