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Beauty and the Red Nose

I could never let you see that part of me That is all about joy No matter what happens I return to joy And I can lift you up  To meet me   Not that that is my job Or that someone is saying that I must bring you joy But it is what I do. And it is who I am....


Cloak of Shame

  My cloak of shame is very thick and long - it covers my whole self, from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet and it can easily envelope my family members - mom, dad, Sarah.  It is charcoal gray with smoky gray drops - as if the tears that have...


Personal Connection to a Higher Power

Some people have life experiences with religious observances, customs, understanding that they stay with for their entire lives.  My life’s journey has not been that way. I have been blessed with a robust connection to the source of all that is, Great Spirit,...