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Who is Feebee Weebee?

FeebeeWeebee is one with all the possibilities.  She is joy-love-light-embodied freedom and everyone wants to know her.  Know who she is – know what she does – know what is real about her – and how she can help others in their journeys

FeebeeWeebee is so exciting and energetic and has the greatest ideas , the greatest enthusiasm and the greatest understanding of the connection to spirit and love and joy and freedom.

FeebeeWeebee can find stillness and spirit and connection.  Her energy and enthusiasm come from the stillness and connection to spirit – enthusiasm.

FeebeeWeebee is famous for her freedom.  Freedom of life, body, spirit.  She laughs, dances and play.  She is so happy that she can connect to her childlike playfulness.  She can connect with what’s real in every moment of every day. 

FeebeeWeebee is spirit – invigorated.


FeebeeWeebee is a creative force – so energetic and profound – so full of love, joy, laughter, freedom and effervescence.  She believes that she can change the world with laughter.  She knows when people connect with their hearts, breath, bellies, they are different.  Each breath brings change – an interchange at the cellular level- each breath brings expansion (of the lungs).  We laugh – expelling the breath so that everything changes and exchanges.  Laugh more now!

Lightening Up

When’s the last time you simply goofed around?  What will it take for you to do that again?  FeebeeWeebee loves goofing around to get your giggles going.  Lightening up this moment leads to lightening up this day and lightening up the world around you.  As Dr. Madan Kataria (founder of Laughter Yoga) has said, “I’ve never known anyone to die from laughing, but I’ve known a lot of people who have died from not laughing.”   

Fun things to do with FeebeeWeebee!

Laughter Yoga – Get your giggles going

Zuumbutt – Get out of your cubicle with Laughter Yoga and Brain Dance session

Puppet play – Use puppets to find your inner childlike essence

Pop-up Theatre – bring the stage and seating to a park or playground near you

Silly Billy Playtime – FeebeeWeebee brings the fun to your home or community.

Embodied Storytelling – Connect with your body and the stories that it is holding

Juggling – start from the beginning and get all the benefits

Party planning – tap into FeebeeWeebee’s fountain of ideas for your next event

5 steps to clear energy & lighten up on your way to play!

Clearing your energy will help you get unstuck and make space for joy and inspiration.

Part of clearing your energy involves clearing your physical space, which is very beneficial.  It is worth noting that when you clear your physical space, your spiritual and mental spaces get clearer, as well.  The reverse is true, i.e. when you find stillness/ calm mind/ prayers with spirit, your physical space will begin to clear.  Inside and outside are so inter-related.  Here are five things to try (that have worked for me to clear energy and spaces, lighten up and gain focus):

    1. Adopt a daily meditation practice of at least 10-15 minutes. The stillness that your mind can experience in a quiet morning practice will help with focus and clarity.
    2. For any task that I undertake for organizing or getting clarity and focus, I set a 25 minute timer. I realize that I can do anything for 25 minutes.  It always amazes me what I can get done in one or two 25 minute timers! 
    3. Get some office file boxes. Sort “projects” into the boxes. Even if the project is something that you are currently working on, at least separating it from other papers In your work space can be helpful.  Many of my projects have gone from boxes into binders with dividers.  I notice that the projects seem to change/ regroup / reorganize/ re-prioritize over time.  NOTE:  if you have a few boxes, they can be stacked and covered (by a nice fabric or something inspiring/ uplifting.
    4. Delete old emails AND tidy up the desktop on your computer
    5. Take a 20-30 minute vigorous walk, in the open air and take time to look at the tree tops and the sky.

Playful joy can emerge more spontaneously when you continue to clear the spaces around you.  Definitely leads to lightening up which can cause easy laughter.

Engage with FeebeeWeebee

FeebeeWeebee approaches her work in the world with Joy.  She works with individuals, groups, families, companies.  Uncover the spark that leads to your joy and connection.

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