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I could never let you see that part of me

That is all about joy

No matter what happens

I return to joy

And I can lift you up 

To meet me


Not that that is my job

Or that someone is saying that I must bring you joy

But it is what I do.

And it is who I am.


And what is true, 

I may not be beautiful in your eyes

Or beautiful in the definition of my childhood

But I know that my clown is the most beautiful 

Being that could exist.

Soft heart

Playful hands

Laughing lips


She reaches down into her depths and pulls

Magical moments from her heart


She paints her face as she sees fit.

Not to fit into some other image of what is right or beautiful.


Or what’s in fashion or who’s in fashion.


She is her true beauty.

Self exposed, self hidden

All the same beauty.