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My cloak of shame is very thick and long – it covers my whole self, from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet and it can easily envelope my family members – mom, dad, Sarah.  It is charcoal gray with smoky gray drops – as if the tears that have fallen from the sky skidded along the shame and smudged it up.  It’s not pretty, that’s for sure.  But one thing that is GREAT about it!  It can be invisible.  It is not visible to the naked eye or the casual passer by.


It’s the kind of cloak that we can wear in plain sight, in the light of day, as we say good morning and how are you and hope you have a nice day.

It’s the kind of cloak that we sometimes forget about, until a word or song or thought brings back the memory of the situation,  of the low point.


One day I noticed that there is a reverse side to this charcoal-smokey-gray, invisible cloak of shame.  And it is brightly colored grassy green and ocean blue and sunflower yellow and raspberry red. It is the sweet vulnerable egg of life and innocence and possibility and new beginnings, woven together with the threads of love and forgiveness. 


I pray for the day that I can reverse the cloak and envelope all my family and friends and community within its tender, warm, colorful  texture.